Hosting Your Beat Website

Hosting Your Beat Website.


Many of our users have successfully set up hosting plans and now have their beat websites running at 100%. This is not the case for every user and there may be a few reasons why.

Avoid Hosting is a very reputable website for domain registration. For years it has built its domain registration service to be one of the leading registrars in the world. However, this is not the case with their hosting plans.

Many people over the years have had issues with godaddy hosting when it requires more than a basic set up. Their server permissions and firewall settings create unnecessary issues that you would not find on other hosting plans. For this fact we strongly recommend to not use them if you would like to operate a website with minimal issues.

All hosting is not created equal

There is nothing wrong with budgeting to save money on a hosting plan. Besides, running your own website you would want to save as much money as possible to make more money. The problem is many cheap hosting plans provided by cheap hosting companies do not upgrade their servers often or frequent enough. This means the maintenance on them is not always up to standard. This will cost you more time and money in the long run.

So you don’t run into any of the issues that come with hosting, we recommend a few things.

1. Don’t set up a shared hosting plan that puts all of their websites in sub-level directories. Your website will perform better in its own root directory. We have redirect rules written in script that can cause issues if not placed in the root. There is nothing wrong with shared hosting plans, just make sure they provide a direct root path to your website.

2. Don’t intentionally place your beat site in a sub-directory to run. This may also give you errors with redirect rules. Many hosting plans will allow you to set up unlimited domains but make you place each additional website in a sub-folder. This is fine if your beat website is the main website. If not the main website and you place within another website, you may have redirect issues as many of our users have had. If you can create a sub-domain for your website and not a sub-folder, you may have more success as a few of our users have had.

3. Many hosting companies may not allow you to make changes to their server. The issue is a problem when they have limited your file uploading size to 2mb or less. This may hinder your mp3 uploading when larger file sizes are required. Make sure they allow this before purchasing their hosting plan.

4. Many host companies have hidden permission settings that they do not give access to edit. This will cause you a problem when they have put a setting in place to protect their hosting environment and you need to make changes to allow your script to run effectively.

5. Hosting companies offer many different types of control panels. The best and most user friendly in our opinion for the non-advanced user is cpanel. If you can get a host company that provides cpanel, this would be a plus for the user friendly layout and ease of use provided. An example of a not so user friendly panel is Plesk. A simple function like unzipping and extracting files is not included and could be difficult for users that are not advanced.

When looking for hosting, please follow the above suggestions. also offers you trouble free hosting and offers you free tech support. Please look on website for our current plans or contact support to be set up right away with hosting. We currently offer hosting for Basic and Pro software.

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