I have been billed twice in one month

You look at your paypal statement or bank statement and discover that you have been billed twice in one month. Why did this happen?


When you set up an account with, you most likely set up a subscription plan. When you are on a subscription plan, your monthly fee is on automatic re-bill through paypal. However, as a reminder, send you an invoice letting you know that the payment is due within next few days. What creates the issue with the double billing is many users get the invoice and start another subscription in paypal. This gives you two subscriptions and as a result you now have two fees being deducted from your account.

How to fix double billing issue.

1. First Log into your paypal account and cancel the second subscription that you started. This will stop the next payment from deducting from your account.

2. Next, request a refund only after you stop the second subscription payment. We will refund you as far back as paypal will allow. Please submit ticket in your client area with the cancelled subscriptions ID. and paypal email ID that you used to make payment.


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