How to Back Up My Website?

Backing up your website is easy and the best thing to do just incase something goes wrong. We recommend that you back up your website at least once a week. If anything goes wrong then you will only be one week behind and you can pick up from there. If you don''t make frequent changes, then it is totally up to you on how often you should.

Just about every hosting company will provide you with a control panel. Cpanel is the one that is used when hosting with To back your website up, log into cpanel and find the files tab. Once you find the files tab, you will see a few back up options. You may select either to see what you would prefer. It is prefered that you download your backups in the event that your entire site is wiped out. You would simply back your files up to your local computer or tranfer them to another remote location. Either way, you need to have a backup once your site starts to grow.

If you are not hosting with a control panal like cpanel. Then you can simply ask your host company how to run back ups of your files. If they don't provide a way for you to back up your website files, you may want to consider changing host for better protection and security of your website.

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